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Michael Palmer looks back at some of the less well received albums of the year so far

So we've already had a good look at the most critically-acclaimed music in the first six months of 2013, but our chart is an iceberg. Sure, it looks lovely and glamourous up there at the top, but the bottom sinks famous ships. So let's scour the bottom of the Atlantic and see what wreckage we can find...

Right at the very bottom with a measly 4.0 average is Poor little Currently in a legal battle with Pharrell Williams over the words "I am" because that's possible somehow, there's not much to cheer him up when he looks at our chart. Not only bottom, but he's been bottom since the first few reviews came in for #willpower. And on top of all that, has a page all to himself. Seriously, customising the chart to the last six months gives 17 pages, with will.i.all alone on page 17. #Aww.

Another of the big names down there is Lil Wayne. Only a 4.5 for his 10th studio album. It may be the fourth worst rated album of the last six months, but it's not even the worst rated Lil Wayne album in our All-Time chart. His rock/rap attempt Rebirth only got him a 3.5. Whoops. An entire point up then, good job Young Weezy! Keep it up!

Jon Bon Jovi, the movie actor from U571, a West Wing episode and a 30 Rock episode, also put out a record in the last six months. He calls his band Bon Jovi, which the other bandmates love I'm sure, and the album got a 4.6. A few sources quite liked it, but most didn't. Never mind, they still have their stadium touring live show.

You would sort of expect all of those names to be down here in the chart depths, but just like the top of the chart there's a few surprises down here too. Ra Ra Riot only managed 5.0 and sit in the bottom 10. Editors have the same rating as much maligned Tom Odell and, most surprising of all, Delphic follow up their much-praised debut with an album that has the same rating as Dido. There's no relying on your past successes when the ADM chart is concerned. Just ask Snoop Lion.

Beady Eye are only just on the bottom page, but on the bottom page they are because, well of course they are. Some good ratings from Clash, All Music, Uncut and NME saved it from the very bottom despite the best efforts of Drowned In Sound, who rated it 0. Couldn't have happened to a nicer Gallagher.

Also down the bottom is an Eric Clapton cover album called Old Sock. Weird eh?

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