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  1. 5.2

    The Wombats

    This Modern Glitch

    Second full-length of indie rock from the wacky Liverpudlians

    Added: 20/04/2011

  2. 5.2

    The Wombats


    Third LP from the Liverpudlian indie rock trio

    Added: 09/04/2015

  3. 5.2

    Nina Nesbitt


    The young Scottish pop star with a penchant for taking photos of herself releases her first album

    Added: 14/02/2014

  4. 5.2

    Howling Bells

    Radio Wars

    Aussie indie rock band's second album, recorded with producer extraordinaire Dan Grech-Marguerat

    Added: 04/03/2009

  5. 5.2

    Busta Rhymes

    Back On My B.S.

    Album number eight from the big-selling rapper, with a host of guests

    Added: 19/07/2009

  6. 5.2

    Brilliant Colors

    Again & Again

    Second album from the San Francisco indie pop trio

    Added: 19/07/2011

  7. 5.2

    Reverend And The Makers

    A French Kiss In The Chaos

    2nd album from the Jon McClure-fronted English indie rock band, the follow up to 2007's The State of Things

    Added: 24/07/2009

  8. 5.2

    The Dandy Warhols

    Why You So Crazy

    Tenth album from Portland, Oregon's psychedelic pop quartet, led by Courtney Taylor-Taylor

    Added: 28/01/2019

  9. 5.2

    Robbie Williams

    The Heavy Entertainment Show

    Album number eleven from the Stoke-born pop icon

    Added: 03/11/2016

  10. 5.2

    Linkin Park

    The Hunting Party

    Sixth studio album from the Californian nu metal rap rock six-piece self-produced by band members Mike Shinoda and Brad Delson

    Added: 16/06/2014

  11. 5.2

    Leona Lewis


    Second album from X Factor winner and Grammy Award nominee

    Added: 15/11/2009

  12. 5.2

    Jeff Buckley

    You And I

    A compilation of recordings by the American singer-songwriter/guitarist, who passed away in 1997 after releasing just one album

    Added: 10/03/2016

  13. 5.2



    Third album from the English synthpop duo, produced by Sweden's Jonas Quant

    Added: 09/10/2015

  14. 5.2

    Bullet For My Valentine


    Album number five from the Welsh thrash metal quartet and first since the departure of bassist Jason "Jay" James

    Added: 14/08/2015

  15. 5.2

    50 Cent

    Animal Ambition

    Fifth studio album from the New York City rapper and actor

    Added: 05/06/2014

  16. 5.2


    Free Spirit

    Second full-length release from the Texas R&B artist with guest appearances from John Mayer and SAFE

    Added: 05/04/2019

  17. 5.2

    Hard Fi

    Killer Sounds

    Third album of laddish rock from the Staines group

    Added: 19/08/2011

  18. 5.2

    Joss Stone


    Fifth studio album for the English soul / R&B singer-songwriter produced by Dave Stewart

    Added: 22/07/2011

  19. 5.1


    World on Fire

    The ex G'n'R guitarist's third album sees him backed once again by Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators

    Added: 02/10/2014

  20. 5.1


    One Man Army

    Second album from this Glaswegian indie folk quartet

    Added: 08/07/2014

  21. 5.1

    Icons Of Elegance

    Dancing Is Easy

    Third helping of melodic Americana / indie pop from Finnish duo Anssi and Henri Vaxby

    Added: 18/01/2010

  22. 5.1

    Florence Rawlings

    A Fool In Love

    Debut album from 21-year old Londoner and latest vehicle for Mike Batt of Wombles fame

    Added: 17/01/2010

  23. 5.1


    Dracula Is Only The Beginning

    This collective from Knoxville make weird indie pop, and include Royal Bangs member, Brandon Biondo

    Added: 21/04/2012

  24. 5.1

    Andrew W.K.

    55 Cadillac

    Solo piano improvisations recorded in two hours from the formerly hard rocking New York singer and guitarist

    Added: 15/10/2009

  25. 5.1

    Amy MacDonald

    Life In A Beautiful Light

    Third collection of AOR pop-rock songs from the Scottish singer-songwriter

    Added: 14/06/2012

  26. 5.1

    Tom Jones

    24 Hours

    First album of new material in years, working with the likes of Bono and The Edge

    Added: 17/11/2008

  27. 5.1


    The Wages Of Fear

    Sophomore album of indie rock from the Londoners

    Added: 15/06/2011

  28. 5.1


    Doin' It Again

    Third album from London-based, Lagos-born grime artist Joseph Junior Adenuga

    Added: 04/02/2011

  29. 5.1

    Nickel Eye

    The Time Of The Assassins

    Indie rock on the solo project of The Strokes bassist Nikolai Fraiture

    Added: 03/03/2009

  30. 5.1



    Third album of hip-hop / R&B from the London-based trio

    Added: 30/11/2010


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