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Adrianne Lenker


One of two simultaneous releases from the American singer-songwriter and Big Thief lead vocalist recorded in a cabin in the mountains of Western Massachusetts

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  1. 9.0 |   Loud And Quiet

    A collage of the ritualistic improvisation that took place during the recording process to mark the end of each day
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  2. 9.0 |   XS Noize

    Whilst perhaps only for hardcore fans or those more interested in instrumental folk, instrumentals is an enjoyable listen post-songs
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  3. 9.0 |   The Line Of Best Fit

    Two 20 minute collages stitched together from their favourite moments from hours of acoustic guitar improvisation, with field recordings of their cabin idyll playing in the distance
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  4. 9.0 |   DIY

    If anything this feels more like a companion piece, a window into that cabin rather than its own separate record
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  5. 9.0 |   Gigwise

    Reminiscent of that friend playing across the room from you, complete with clinking frets and audible smiles
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  6. 9.0 |   Sputnik Music (staff)

    Closer ‘my angel’ feels stumbled upon: emerging, abruptly, out of what sounds like random twiddling; ending, as abruptly, with the sound of a recorder being unplugged. As if, somewhere, songs continues, and perhaps it does. Somewhere, in nature, rotting or ablaze
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  7. 8.8 |   Pitchfork

    They are not showy pieces, but the depth of her relationship with her instrument is clear
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  8. 8.5 |   Beats Per Minute

    As lovely as they are, they feel like an addendum, a little background to add to the ambience of the overall release
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  9. 8.0 |   Clash

    'Instrumentals' is all about the process of seeking things out
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  10. 8.0 |   Spectrum Culture

    Composed of Adrianne’s daily guitar improvisations, instrumentals presents an orchestra of rustling leaves, raindrops and birds beside wistful fingerpicking
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  11. 8.0 |   No Ripcord

    Instrumentals consists of two extended tracks. The first, for indigo, is a scrapbook of strums and chords that Lenker can use as a sampler to construct fuller songs in the futur
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  12. 8.0 |   musicOMH

    A looser, less magnified affair, consisting of collages of the exploratory, freeform acoustic guitar improvisations that each day of the recording sessions would begin with
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  13. 8.0 |   Uncut

    Soothing balms following the drama of Songs. Print edition only

  14. 8.0 |   Exclaim

    On instrumentals, Lenker settles down from songs' busier thoughts, indulging in the stoicism within to achieve moments of serenity, if only briefly. Deep breaths, everyone
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  15. 8.0 |   NME

    Slow-burning folk tracks shaped around the singer’s natural settings
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  16. 7.0 |   All Music

    May offer ambient comfort for late, late nights or the sequestered
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  17. 6.0 |   Mojo

    Print edition only

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