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Dark Horse


Dark Horse

Album number six from the Canadian rock giants, with producer Mutt Lange at the controls

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  1. 7.0 |   Blender

    You have to admit, there’s something Zen about a rock anthem called “S.E.X.” where the chorus goes, “Sex is always the answer/It’s never a question/’Cause the answer is yes.”
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  2. 7.0 |   Rolling Stone

    What's a poor rock band to do when your last album sold 8 million copies at a time when nobody buys CDs anymore? You can hire a guy who produced AC/DC, Def Leppard and Shania Twain albums that sold even more.
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  3. 4.0 |   Spin

    Won't win the Canadian band any new fans -- nor will its hearty endorsements of oral sex disappoint the devoted.
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  4. 4.0 |   Evening Standard

    Nickelback’s inescapable hit Rockstar offered a supposedly satirical take on life as a heroically indulgent musician, but on the evidence offered by their sixth album, singer Chad Kroeger wasn’t joking: crass lyrics abound.
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  5. 3.0 |   PopMatters

    Perhaps it wouldn’t be so easy to dismiss the band if they didn’t keep retreating to the same sonic territory again and again, but Dark Horse finds the group at a creative low point.
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  6. 2.0 |   The Guardian

    Nickelback's music reaffirms every sex-and-stupidity cliche hard rock can offer.
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Nickelback: Dark Horse

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  • 1. Something In Your Mouth N/A
  • 2. Burn It To The Ground N/A
  • 3. Gotta Be Somebody N/A
  • 4. I'd Come For You N/A
  • 5. Next Go Round N/A
  • 6. Just To Get High N/A
  • 7. Never Gonna Be Alone N/A
  • 8. Shakin' Hands N/A
  • 9. S.E.X. N/A
  • 10. If Today Was Your Last Day N/A
  • 11. This Afternoon N/A
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