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Is EMA ready to replace The War On Drugs at the top of the ADM chart?

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Michael Palmer reflects on the week's new release in the ADM chart

It's all very civilised this week over here at ADM HQ. Who's the highest rated new album? Everyone, it seems. Who's next in line for the Chart Topper spot? Well, a couple of albums, actually. Right then, but who's got the lowest rating then, that'll definitely be someone we can make fun of? Sort of, except that two albums are splitting the scorn. How sweet! Everyone is Spartacus all of a sudden.

At the very top of our Current Chart, it's the last week in the throne for The War On Drugs. So who's waiting in the shadows ready to take over? Well, nobody in particular. EMA is the frontrunner, but only just. She sits on a 7.9, but so does Simone Felice and Cloud Nothings. One more tiny little review could make all the difference. One little latecomer, a straggler, could hold all the power. Or not and it'll just be EMA. We'll see…

So, who wins the week? Which one album took the initiative? Well, lets see. Six 8s and some high 7s combine to help Woods get a 7.2. A decent rating. "The perfect balance between imaginative pop confections and untethered psychedelic jam" according to The Line Of Best Fit. A contender perhaps?

John Dwyer's San Francisco five-piece Thee Oh Sees got four 8s, but fewer low ratings and managed a 7.2 average. "A band that refuses to settle down" say Uncut. Ok. Ok, not bad. Not bad.

What about Rodney Crowell? Grammy award winner! This'll do it. Surely Rodney will step up and take the r-nope, 7.2. All Music call is "Crowell at his best", but not good enough for this week!

Ok then. The Both released an album. Aimee Mann and Ted Leo collaborate. A.V. Club think it "makes for a charm offensive that's hard to resist" and dish out an 8.3. Here we go! Here we go. An 8.3 from A.V. Club is a tough get. This could be a contend-NO 7.2 AGAIN. 7.2 again.

Ok, so this week we've got four different albums all competing to be the highest rated new entry, the best of the week's releases. And all four of them have a 7.2 average. Four separate albums all jostling for position and nobody willing to take the lead which isn't totally true because Ben Watt also GOT A 7.2. FIVE! Five albums with a 7.2. We give up. Sort it out amongst yourselves.

So, lets turn our attention to the bottom. Who's winning the ADM Weekly Wooden Spoon? Nobody, you know the deal by now. No one. Ramona Lisa and Chuck Inglish both get a 5.9 for the week. Can you cut a wooden spoon in half? Probably not. Ok, Ramona can have it Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Chuck can take Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. We'll keep it on Sundays until they can sort it out.

Elsewhere: More new Pixies music get their highest rating since reforming (6.2), Smoke Fairies just miss out on the party (7.1), the latest Eels effort just misses out on just missing out (7.0) and the debut Iggy Izalea score (6.3) means that she's officially better than Pixies, right?

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