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  1. 8.3

    ADM Rating
    Ordinary Corrupt Human Love


    Ordinary Corrupt Human Love

    Fourth album of shoegazing black metal from the San Fransisco outfit working with regular producer Jack Shirley (Jeff Rosenstock, Loma Prieta, Bosse-de-Nage, Punch)

    Added: 09/07/2018

  2. 8.1

    Be The Cowboy


    Be The Cowboy

    Fifth album from the New York-based Japanese/American singer songwriter produced by Patrick Hyland

    Added: 14/08/2018

  3. 8.0


    Travis Scott


    Third solo album from the Houston rapper featuring guest appearances from James Blake, Drake, Frank Ocean, Pharrell, Tame Imapala, Sevn Thomas, Thundercat, and The Weeknd

    Added: 06/08/2018

  4. 7.9

    At Weddings


    At Weddings

    Debut album from Kentucky singer-songwriter Sarah Beth Tomberlin

    Added: 10/08/2018

  5. 7.9

    To The Sunset

    Amanda Shires

    To The Sunset

    Sixth full-length solo album from the Texas-born singer-songwriter, produced by Dave Cobb (John Prine, Sturgill Simpson, Jason Isbell)

    Added: 06/08/2018

  6. 7.9

    From When I Wake The Want Is

    Kathryn Joseph

    From When I Wake The Want Is

    Second album from the Inverness-born singer-songwriter and pianist who's debut won the 2015 Scottish Album of the Year Award

    Added: 12/08/2018

  7. 7.7

    Hive Mind

    The Internet

    Hive Mind

    Fourth album of hip hop soul from the LA-based Odd Future outfit, led by Syd and Matt Martians

    Added: 17/07/2018

  8. 7.7

    Future Me Hates Me

    The Beths

    Future Me Hates Me

    Debut album of guitar-based indie pop from the New Zealand four-piece

    Added: 09/08/2018

  9. 7.7

    Raw Silk Uncut Wood

    Laurel Halo

    Raw Silk Uncut Wood

    Mini-album of six instrumental pieces from the Berlin-based electronic ambient pop artist

    Added: 17/07/2018

  10. 7.6


    Miss Red


    Debut full-length studio release from the Israeli dancehall MC was produced by Kevin “The Bug” Martin

    Added: 15/07/2018

  11. 7.6

    Helena Hauff


    Second full-length electro album from the Hamburg-based DJ and producer

    Added: 02/08/2018

  12. 7.6



    Debut full-length album from the British alternative R&B artist working with her longtime collaborator with Mica Levi

    Added: 08/08/2018

  13. 7.5



    Debut full-length album from the Houston-born Berlin-based electronic producer J'Kerian Morgan

    Added: 11/07/2018

  14. 7.5


    Nearer My God

    Third studio album of indie art rock from the St Louis based quartet, their first without founding member Josh Coll

    Added: 10/08/2018

  15. 7.5


    Basic Volume

    Debut album from the South London electronic, dancehall artist includes production from SOPHIE, Dre Skull and Jam City

    Added: 27/07/2018

  16. 7.5

    Daniel Bachman

    The Morning Star

    Album number twelve from the Virginia guitarist and drone musician with contributions from Forrest Marquisee and Ian McColm

    Added: 01/08/2018

  17. 7.4

    Mac Miller


    Fifth album from the Pittsburgh rapper featuring guest appearances from Snoop Dogg and Thundercat

    Added: 03/08/2018

  18. 7.3


    Death Lust

    The debut full-length album from the Canadian alt.rock/punk band led by Brandon Williams

    Added: 13/07/2018

  19. 7.3

    RP Boo

    I'll Tell You What

    Third studio album and first featuring nothing but original material from Kavain Space, the Chicago-based electronic DJ and producer

    Added: 09/07/2018

  20. 7.3

    Cowboy Junkies

    All That Reckoning

    First album for six years from the Toronto alternative blues and country quartet led by Michael Timmins

    Added: 13/07/2018

  21. 7.3

    Ross From Friends

    Family Portrait

    Debut full-length album from the British electronic producer Felix Clary Weatherall

    Added: 25/07/2018

  22. 7.3

    Punch Brothers

    All Ashore

    Fifth album from the Brooklyn-based progressive bluegrass five-piece

    Added: 20/07/2018

  23. 7.3

    Gabe Gurnsey


    Debut full-length solo album from one of the founders of Factory Floor

    Added: 03/08/2018

  24. 7.3

    Dirty Projectors

    Lamp Lit Prose

    Eighth studio album of experimental indie rock from David Longstreth's Brooklyn-based outfit

    Added: 09/07/2018

  25. 7.2

    Spider Bags

    Someday Everything Will Be Fine

    Fifth album of garage rock from the Chapel Hill, North Carolina band

    Added: 08/08/2018

  26. 7.2



    Second album from the re-formed Connecticut indie rock band led by Steve Hartlett and Morgan Luzzi

    Added: 23/07/2018

  27. 7.2

    Dorian Concept

    The Nature Of Imitation

    Second album from the Austrian electronic composer Flying Lotus associate Oliver Thomas Johnson

    Added: 07/08/2018

  28. 7.2

    Tony Molina

    Kill The Lights

    Third album from the San Francisco Bay Area power pop singer-songwriter

    Added: 30/07/2018

  29. 7.1



    Third album from the Australian indie-folk duo working with Aaron Dessner, Matt Eccles, J Mascis, Dave Nelson and Jim White

    Added: 12/07/2018

  30. 7.1

    Israel Nash


    Fifth full-length album from the Texas-based singer-songwriter recorded in his home studio

    Added: 27/07/2018


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