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Julia Holter is this week's new No1 and also bubbling under the ADM All-Time Top 10

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Michael Palmer reflects on the a busy week at ADM Towers and is glad summer is almost over

What a big week for new albums! Action all over the shop. A big old shake-up. Just look at all that yellow on the chart page. It's almost blinding. A week with ten (TEN!) new albums on the front page of our chart, with four more on page 2. A week so eventful that even Prefix posted a new review. And a week where we crowned a brand new Any Decent Music Chart Topper.

The third album from Californian singer-songwriter Julia Holter launches itself right to our coveted top-spot with seven 9s, a Best New Music from Pitchfork and three 8s, no less. No seriously, no less than 8. Everything 8 or above, taking her average to a rather large 8.5. Only a 10 or two away from challenging our All-Time top spot. Oh, speaking of our All-Time chart, former Toppers Deafheaven became former Toppers when Rolling Stone dished them out a 6, taking their average down to an 8.7, and taking their standing down to our fifth highest rating ever.

After three years, Glasgow arty-indie rockers Franz Ferdinand put out album number four. A decent response, with five 8s, two 7s and a 6, all totting up to a 7.3. In improvement, then, on their last effort which mustered up a 6.8. Interesting fact: Franz Ferdinand actually got their name from 'Franz Ferdinand', which was the name of the first album from the band Franz Ferdinand.

Our highest placed new entry, though, is Manchester band MONEY with their debut album. Nothing under a SEVEN and a bunch of EIGHTs and EIGHT POINT FIVEs all add up to a SEVEN POINT EIGHT. Another new entry, with a 6.8 is DIANA, the Tronoto synthpop quartet. The two albums aren't really related though. Well, apart from the OBVIOUS.

At the other end, poor Bloc Party are struggling to impress people with their new EP. Though, given that they're going on another hiatus, they probably don't really care that much. They sit on page 3 of our current chart, sandwiched between Jay-Z and Robin Thicke which sounds like a conversation not really worth having. Listening in on this conversation is the second album of 80s synthpop from Mink, whose 5.4 is our lowest scoring album this week.

Elsewhere: Julianna Barwick, Outfit, Crocodiles, Pure Bathing Culture, Laura Veirs, Braids, Drenge, Booker T (Can you dig it?) and Superchunk all chart with 7.somethings. Some more albums got six.somethings too, but that's not good enough for this list. Not this week.

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