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Future Of The Left: So, when should we tell him we need a ceiling first before we put in the lightbulbs?

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Michael Palmer reflects on the week's notable action in the ADM chart

Would you look at that. There we were, marvelling at London band Teeth Of The Sea for storming their way to the top of our Current Chart. "How impressive," we all thought. They pushed aside a wave of new albums and took a seat on our throne, but before they even had time to shift their weight and get comfortable, along come Future Of The Left.

BAM! 10/10 from The Skinny. KAPOW! 10/10 from God Is In The TV. ZLONK! 10/10 from FasterLouder. EEE-YOW! Another fistful of 9s. Those are all genuine "sound effects" from Adam West's Batman, by the way. And it looks like all the other albums in our chart are going to need some kind of Bad Review Repellant Bat Spray to even come close to the 8.6 that the Cardiff band have mustered. Their score is so good, in fact, that they sit in our All Time Chart Top 10, only one place behind the last Arcade Fire album.

Speaking of Arcade Fire: how is the Reflektor rating getting on? That was a brilliant transition. Seamless. The best bit is that there's no way for you to know that I just went back and added the last bit about Arcade Fire just to make it seem like a good transition. And it's not really "speaking of" as I'm not actually talking. Should it be "typing of…" instead? Anyway, 7.1. That's how it's doing. This time last week it had a 6.7, so critics seem to be warming to it. It also has 51 comments from passionate ADM readers. So at least they've made an album that people like to talk about. Or type about. Ach, it's that again.

In Bottom-of-the-Chart news, James is Blunt alright, with a paltry 4.1 for his new album Moon Landing. His last album got a 3.8 though, so one could argue that this one is a giant leap. Five different 4/10 reviews, along with a 2/10 from The Observer relegate his fourth album to the very bottom of our Current Chart, a whole 7 points behind previous bottom dweller Dizzee Rascal. The Evening Standard made a decent effort to save poor James from this week's wooden spoon with an 8/10 review, claiming "there's craft akin to The National or Bright Eyes" in one particular album track. Nobody else buys that though - wooden spoon it is.

Two other new albums made a decent effort at the top end of our chart this week. Firstly, Los Campesinos! get themselves four 8s, an 8.5 and a 9 which allows them a seat at the Top 10 for now. Our weighted average system puts their overall rating at a 7.9, an improvement on their last album's 7.2, which itself was an improvement on their album before's 7.1. Getting there. Just outside out the Top 10 sits Omar Souleyman, whose album Wenu Wenu is either his 1st or 501st, depending on whose facts you believe. A decent spread of praise gives him a 7.7 rating, with only The Observer offering less than 7.

Elsewhere: Laurel Halo charts with a 7.4, Kevin Devine releases two albums at once for a combined 7.0, Motörhead's 21st album can only manage 6.6 (one 6 away from a pretty metal rating, it has to be said), Katy Perry slips to a 6.1, and had it been any other week James Blunt's wooden spoon could've gone to Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip (5.8) Best Coast (5.6) or CFCF (5.5).

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