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Robbie Fulks: Up, and running, in the chase for the top spot, with no ratings below 8/10

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Michael Palmer reflects on this week's new contenders for Julia Holters' crown

Ok. It's time. Time to shut out all that insignificant news in the world, all of those flashy distractions, that constant wave of useless information and focus, truly focus, on the important stuff: what albums are at or near the top of the ADM chart.

Julia Holter has managed to fight off all challengers this week, but only just. Forest Swords made a decent whack at it, but only managed an 8.2something, not quite matching Julia Holter's 8.2somethinghigher.

Our best-scoring new entry 'Ka' gets himself an 8.0, joining Julianna Barwick, Martin Simpson and Earl Sweatshirt. With only five reviews in, including a 10 from Fact, he could A: get more great reviews and end up topping our chart, or B: get a few average ones and not end up topping our chart. It could go either way!

A 10 from State, along with a handful of 9s, almost gets Justin Vernon's side-project Volcano Choir in to the top of the chart fight, but Mojo's 6 lets it down. "The revelation it constantly seems to promise never quite arrives," they say, though Bowlegs call it "very precious indeed."

Also new this week with a 7.6 is Robbie Fulks, who doesn't seem to realise how hilarious his name is. Seeing his name and album title together only makes you pine for what could have been. Robbie Fulks - It Up, or Robbie Fulks - Himself. Even Robbie Fulks - It Over would do. Ach well. Nothing below an 8 for the Chicago-based songwriter's first album in 8 years. Though, in 2005 he released an album called 'Georgia Hard' so all is forgiven.

At the bottom, Glasvegas escape our 4th and last page by a margin as small as the one at the top, their 5.4 slightly better than Minks' 5.4. The magazines all shared the same thought - giving the album 6, though Drowned in Sound say it "pales in comparison to Glasvegas' previous offerings" and slap a 5 on it, with The Skinny doing one worse (better?) and going for 4.

Elsewhere: Destruction Unit, The Dodos, A$AP Ferg, Golden Suits, Avenged Sevenfold and Chelsea Wolfe all chart with 7s, the new Nine Inch Nails has a 6.8 so far, Babyshambles manage to keep it together long enough for a 6.6 and John Mayer manages a 6.9, perhaps not the first time he's had a 69 interrupted.

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