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Backstreet Boys in their 90s heyday. Who'd have thought they would grow up so "surprisingly mature" (All Music)

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Michael Palmer reflects on the week's notable album action in the ADM chart

We have an undisputed Chart Topper again! What relief. After a week-long tussle, Kanye West's time ran out and he dropped off the chart. Six weeks is all you get over here, no exceptions. So El-P and Killer Mike's Run The Jewels project now has some fresh air between it and the rest of the pack, leaning over and sticking their neck out so that they cross the line that little bit faster.

Their closest challengers are long-serving folk-star Martin Simpson and LA hardcore post-rockers The Icarus Line. Simpson's latest album (his 17th? Maybe? It's difficult to tell) enters our chart with an even 8.0. Four 8s and a 10 from The Arts Desk is a decent haul, but it's early days yet. For the album. Not for Martin himself. He's had plenty of days.

Every body! Yeah? Rock Your Body! What? Backstreet's back alright with a 5.4. Album number 8 from Backstreet Boys steers clear of our last page pretty much thanks to a 7 from All Music. "Surprisingly mature" they say about a band of guys in their 40s. The rest of the reviews are in the expected 4-to-6 range that fellow 90s boy band New Kids On The Block seemed stuck in. Rather interesting is the fact that, with their 5.4, the Backstreet Boys now have the same average as Jay-Z. I wonder what Jay thinks about that?

There's more OBNM (Old Band New Music) news as Medicine release their first album since breaking up eighteen years ago. When they broke up the world population was 5.682 billion. That's, like, 1.4 billion less people than now. Also, OJ Simpson was tried and found not guilty that year, Forrest Gump won the Best Picture Oscar, Blackburn Rovers won the English Premier League and Lawrence Taylor defeated Bam Bam Bigelow in the worst Wrestlemania main event of all time. By miles. 1995 was actually a pretty huge year for professional wrestling, but that's not really that important right now. What is important is that Medicine's first album in eighteen years charts with a 6.9. A handful of 8s making up for two 6s from Mojo and The Line Of Best Fit.

Elsewhere: Alele Diane makes the top 10 and a 7.5 with her very personal 5th album, Luke Haines' folk concept album turning rock icons into animals makes our front page with a 7.3, as do Pond with a 7.2, and it's a 7.1 for Moderat, which is Modeselektor making music with Apparat.

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