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Daft Punk: Sitting pretty (sort of) at No.2 in the Poll of Polls, despite the rating for their album putting it no higher than the 48th best of the year

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Michael Palmer reflects on what the latest standings in our Poll of Polls mean. If anything . . .

It's December! Finally! Our sources, having been on their best behaviour all year, can at last put together their list of favourite records and submit them to the North Pole. Here at ADM we're checking these lists (twice) and publicly displaying the nicest of albums. The albums that our sources would most like to unwrap on Christmas morning, before smiling slightly, keeping to themselves the fact that they've already downloaded the album and have been listening to it on Spotify for like a year now. But thanks anyway, no really.

So, sitting top of the ADM Poll of Polls is Vampire Weekend. Their third album scored an 8.2 average when our sources posted their actual reviews, and is the 13th highest rated album of the year. Interestingly, it got places in the top 5 from Q (who gave the album 8), Spin (also 8) and Rolling Stone (9) but not from AV Club, who gave it 10.

Just below in second is Daft Punk. Not bad for what our chart suggests is the 48th best album of the year. Our sources have Selective Access Memories perhaps, as Mojo, Rolling Stone and Faster Louder include the album in their top 5s despite only giving the album 8.

In fact, there's only one album that can claim to be among the top ten highest rated albums of the year AND currently sit in the top ten of the best of lists. Want a clue? It's My Bloody Valentine. Is that enough of a clue? Their album m b v scored an 8.7 and is the 2nd-highest-rated album of the year and, despite a wave of 10 and 9 scores, so far only Uncut name it in their top 5 of the year. It has received enough sub-top-5 votes to be placed 10th on the Poll of Polls at this stage, but surely more sources will remember that they loved it so much?

The most curious of cases though, sits in 8th in the Best Of The Best Ofs list. Spin and AV Club find a place in their top 5 of the year for Haim, whose debut album scored a 7.4 and is, according to our numbers, the 184th highest rated album of the last 12 months. One Hundred and Eighty-Fourth. I guess it must be a grower.

With all the list-making taking place, it's easy to forget that musicians are releasing albums all year round, and our sources aren't going to let their opinions of these albums go un-posted. Out of the recent batch our wooden spoon goes, rather predictably, to Britney Spears. Only a 5.0 for her first album with a co-writer credit, though she may be pleased to learn that there were 15 albums released this year that were worse.

Elsewhere: no ratings yet for Mutual Benefit, Milosh, British Sea Power, Black Flag and New War but early reviews are strong for each of these albums with the rather notable exception of Black Flag; watch those spaces.

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