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Kvertelak display their secret weapon in the unpredictable battle to be crowned successors to John Grant

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Michael Palmer on a week of valiant struggle to claim the ADM album chart throne

It's been six weeks since John Grant entered our ratings at No.1 , so it's time to crown a new king (six weeks being the New Albums chart timespan).

Five contenders go to war, each with an 8.0 average, knowing one more review, positive or negative, could make the difference. It's a battle as dirty and unpredictable as the fight for the Iron Throne of Westeros. With no rightful heir, Kvelertak have Joffrey'ed themselves into top spot despite having only a handful of reviews.

James Blake, King of the North (London), has a valid claim for the throne. His father (2009 debut 'James Blake') was frightfully close to power before being struck down before its time. Now, all grown-up, his sights are set on revenge.

Kurt Vile is Tyrion Lannister. The fan favourite. The underdog. He has a real shot at the throne, but he doesn't realise it. It's so close, but he seems content to watch it handed to others. He thinks because he's small that power is not within his reach. It is Kurt. Your reach is as high as any.

The Knife may be from a distant, faraway land, but they have a secret weapon. Laying dormant for a number of years, they're back, and have birthed a massive, dominant, fire-breathing album. If they can harness its true powers, the throne will surely be theirs.

Our final contender Hiss Golden Messenger also think the throne is rightfully theirs. To prove it, they have recruited a strange, red-headed fire Goddess woman that makes weird ghost kids that kill people or something. That one doesn't really work. Still, WINTER IS COMING.

There's still a lot going on in Westeros that doesn't concern the thro … OK OK we'll drop the Game of Thrones thing.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs continue to get praise for their fourth album despite a particularly brutal 3 from Pop Matters. It hasn't affected them too much: they still average a 7.3, slightly above Phoenix who chart with a 7.2. Half of the critics praise them for continuing to do what they're good at, and half criticise them for a lack of new ideas.

Iron & Wine chart with "the best album in Iron & Wine's already impressive discography" (Paste) and it's enough for a 7.5. I know what you're thinking. How could there possibly be a pointless Game of Thrones analogy without mentioning IRON & WINE? I know.

Elsewhere: Charli XCX makes her presence felt with a 7.1, Born Ruffians chart with a 6.7 despite a 5 (musicOMH) and a 4 (Q), as do Fall Out Boy despite a helping hand from Elton John.

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