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When we launched ADM it was because we wanted a site that helped us navigate the plethora of opinions about new music releases. And it's been so much fun to do. We discover new music every day in the same way that we hope you the ADM users do too.

But as I'm sure you're aware, making anything work financially online is difficult. We reluctantly started using adverts a couple of years ago to help pay for ADM's hosting, but that now is starting to dry up as ad blocking becomes the norm.

And last year we launched the iOS app in the hope that it would generate more income by encouraging ADM users to subscribe as a way of supporting what we do and for everyone who has subscribed we're grateful. But even this has not been enough to make ADM financially viable.
You can download it here

Now we feel we need to either take ADM to another level, or stop what we're doing.
Of course we'd prefer to keep it alive and that's where you might be able to help.

We want to find investors.
We also want to find music-loving developers who understand what we're trying to do and would like to help us improve what we do.
And if you want to volunteer to help compile ADM data then please let us know. That may be another way to keep ADM going.

So if you know someone, or indeed you are that someone, then please get in touch and see if between us we can keep ADM alive.

You can contact us here:

In the meantime you can help support ADM through Patreon where you can donate.
You can commit to as little as $1 a month or set a maximum limit. Any contribution you can make will help us maintain AnyDecentMusic and hopefully improve it.

Thanks for listening

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