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Dave Gahan & Soulsavers


Third collaboration between the Depeche Mode frontman and the English electronic duo

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  1. 9.0 |   Clash

    An album that will become – in time – as significant and important to Gahan’s career as Johnny Cash’s ‘American’ series was to his enduring legacy
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  2. 8.0 |   Record Collector

    Even if he has walked similar shadowed alleyways before, Imposter’s well-judged curtain call provides a fine capper to Dave Gahan’s strongest set away from his band yet. An encore wouldn’t go amiss
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  3. 7.0 |   musicOMH

    Dave Gahan’s emotional input is never in doubt, but despite some excellent production – and fine backing vocals – it is kept at a distance at times. Seen live, however, this set should be quite an experience
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  4. 7.0 |   Uncut

    His choices suit not only his rich, resonant baritone but also rich Machin's soul-and-gospel-heavy treatments. Print edition only

  5. 6.0 |   Mojo

    Imposter, if not essential, always ring true. Print edition only

  6. 6.0 |   Under The Radar

    In a way, the gravity and commitment to these appropriated songs makes them even more the property of Gahan & Soulsavers than their own original material. Be prepared for your heart to be wrenched out of your chest
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  7. 5.0 |   All Music

    While Imposter doesn't get the blood pumping as much as 2015's Angels & Ghosts, fans in need of a soundtrack for brooding will find this to be an ideal outlet
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