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Write About Love

Belle And Sebastian

Write About Love

Eighth album of indie chamber-pop from the Glaswegian group.

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Rough Trade
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  1. 9.0 |   BBC

    A cracking pop album and a fine addition to a great band’s already impressive catalogue
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  2. 9.0 |   PopMatters

    The album collects most of the winning stylistic evolutions that the band has undergone during the past decade and produces something fresh: a modern rock album without a single skip song
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  3. 9.0 |   No Ripcord

    Write About Love may not be a great leap forward for Belle and Sebastian, but it’s such an enjoyable record it’s difficult to hold it against them
    Read Review

  4. 9.0 |   Clash

    A beautifully mellow comeback for the modest indie-pop luminaries
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  5. 9.0 |   FasterLouder

    It’s a delicious thrill to see the band continue to set the standard for whimsical, wordy melodicism
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  6. 8.2 |   Pitchfork

    Write About Love is a grower-- the sort of record you need to play repeatedly, listening to how it fits together, before it can really ingratiate itself
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  7. 8.0 |   Prefix

    Perhaps destined to become a cult classic in the vein of Teenage Fanclub’s ‘Thirteen’, ‘Write About Love’ is a quietly brilliant listen
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  8. 8.0 |   The Guardian

    It takes just under four minutes for Belle and Sebastian's eighth album to demand a place among the best of their career
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  9. 8.0 |   Evening Standard

    The first album in more than four years from the twee-pop pioneers — and the wait has done them the world of good ... Terrific
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  10. 8.0 |   BBC

    Write About Love is a cracking pop album and a fine addition to a great band’s already impressive catalogue
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  11. 8.0 |   Mojo

    It's a cracker given time. Print edition only

  12. 8.0 |   Q

    Prove their sense of indie wonder remains undimmed. Print edition only

  13. 8.0 |   The Skinny

    There are parts of Belle & Seb’s eighth studio album as great as anything they’ve done before
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  14. 7.0 |   Consequence Of Sound

    Your impression will depend on your expectations, which if kept reasonable, could result in a pleasant listen
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  15. 7.0 |   Spin

    It’s playful, bouncy, witty, classic, and classy
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  16. 7.0 |   The Observer

    The record's finest moments are still the band doing what they do best, as with the sprightly and sentimental "I Didn't See It Coming"
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  17. 7.0 |   Drowned In Sound

    As good as anything they’ve put out in the last decade
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  18. 7.0 |   music OMH

    Falls short in terms of a lack of progression and showcases very little creative ambition
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  19. 7.0 |   State

    An enjoyable, if unremarkable, listen
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  20. 7.0 |   Under The Radar

    Murdoch hasn't lost his romantic idealism
    Read Review

  21. 7.0 |   Prefix

    A Belle & Sebastian record that doesn't reinvent anything; the musicians have embraced a warm vibe that feels like sitting down with an old friend, one that hasn't embarrassed himself
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  22. 6.0 |   Rave Magazine

    Write About Love isn’t anything to cry about, but it’s nothing to get overly excited for either
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  23. 6.0 |   The Quietus

    When Murdoch brings his A-game to Write About Love...he is still a songwriter of formidable pedigree, capable of making you laugh and cry, often on the same track
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  24. 6.0 |   The Irish Times

    Enhanced by the kind of classic 1960s girl-pop melodies that you thought disappeared with the likes of Sandi Shaw, Petula Clark and (no, really!) Cilla Black
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  25. 6.0 |   The Scotsman

    Murdoch can still light upon poetic turns of phrase but his whimsical lexicon sounds a little weary for the most part
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  26. 6.0 |   Independent on Sunday

    Perfectly pleasant country-folk and twee, 1960s-derived indie-pop that will appeal hugely to the faithful
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  27. 6.0 |   NME

    Finds them pondering the same winsomely kooky themes they always have. Print edition only

  28. 6.0 |   Uncut

    Excruciatingly fey in places, but then you know what to expect by now. Print edition only

  29. 5.0 |   Tiny Mix Tapes

    Write About Love has enough to recommend it, but too little to justify its existence
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  30. 4.0 |   Daily Telegraph

    It’s alarmingly ploddy and bland – what happened?
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  31. 4.0 |   Eye Weekly

    Maybe it’s time to write about something different
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Belle And Sebastian: Write About Love

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  • 4. I Want The World To Stop £0.89
  • 5. Little Lou, Ugly Jack, Prophet John £0.89
  • 6. Write About Love £0.89
  • 7. I'm Not Living In The Real World £0.89
  • 8. The Ghost Of Rockschool £0.89
  • 9. Read The Blessed Pages £0.89
  • 10. I Can See Your Future £0.89
  • 11. Sunday's Pretty Icons £0.89
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