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Second album of jangly indie-pop from the Toronto band produced by Alec O’Hanley and John Congleton

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  1. 10.0 |   DIY

    Just as unique as that now-classic debut
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  2. 9.0 |   Exclaim

    Great songwriting never goes out of style
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  3. 9.0 |   All Music

    Thanks to the care and feeding the band put into their sound, Antisocialites manages the rare feat of a band topping their brilliant debut with a sophomore effort that's even more brilliant. Alvvays make it looks easy
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  4. 8.9 |   Paste Magazine

    By just subtly tweaking their songwriting process ever so slightly, Alvvays have managed to one-up their 2014 breakthrough record
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  5. 8.3 |   Pretty Much Amazing

    Every song here is a hit and Antisocialites is brilliant
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  6. 8.3 |   A.V. Club

    Alvvays lives up to its promise on the wonderfully contradictory Antisocialites
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  7. 8.0 |   Evening Standard

    While Alvvays’s influences are hard to miss amid the fuzzy riffs, droning synths and dreamy vocals, their melodies are timeless
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  8. 8.0 |   Punk News

    This band has a magic to it and Rankin is at the center of it
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  9. 8.0 |   music OMH

    This is an album that confirms Alvvays’ massive potential and makes the perfect soundtrack for those nights indoors as the summer begins to fade
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  10. 8.0 |   NOW

    By highlighting the band itself, Alvvays one-up their exciting debut
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  11. 8.0 |   The Skinny

    This is Alvvays pushing the jangle pop envelope, and the perfect album for when sunny summer turns to antisocial autumn
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  12. 8.0 |   The Line Of Best Fit

    Give it time and Antisocialites might be as much of an invaluable map to navigating the quarter-life crisis as Alvvays was. For now, though, it’s just good to have one of the most interesting and fun indie pop bands of the 21st century back
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  13. 7.5 |   Earbuddy

    Captures a sense of growing up, and heartbreak is a part of that
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  14. 7.3 |   Pitchfork

    Nothing but thoroughly accomplished songs. Alvvays have sharpened their focus without losing sight of themselves
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  15. 7.0 |   Clash

    The band have deftly realised what worked the first time around and have expanded on it with some respectable experimentation
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  16. 7.0 |   Uncut

    Rankin returns to that comfort zone with largely engaging results. Print edition only

  17. 7.0 |   Loud And Quiet

    The band’s knack for a perfect pop melody can’t be argued with and neither can the emotive, longing strain in Molly Rankin’s voice
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  18. 7.0 |   The Music

    Not since The Smiths has anyone turned despondent, morose lyrics into jangly indie-disco floor fillers
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  19. 7.0 |   Rolling Stone

    Full of fuzzy-guitar beauty and shoegazing romanticism
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  20. 7.0 |   Tiny Mix Tapes

    Sacrifices immediacy for Rankin’s occasionally mawkish but otherwise astute poetics. But the tradeoff is worth it
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  21. 7.0 |   PopMatters

    A satisfying sophomore effort
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  22. 6.5 |   Under The Radar

    Fans of the debut will still find plenty to like here, even as the group's sound has lifted further from the ground towards more ethereal planes familiar to Beach House or even Chromatics
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  23. 6.0 |   Mojo

    Just occasionally the jangles get repetitive; sometimes, good things do go on too long. Print edition only

  24. 6.0 |   Q

    It's not a wildly eclectic trip, but for dependable hooks and relatable emotion, Alvvays are spot on. Print edition only

  25. 6.0 |   God Is In The TV

    When Alvvays ditch the retro indie stylings and focus on what made them great first time round they’re all the better for it
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  26. 6.0 |   The 405

    Alvvays' main flaw remains their lack of authenticity, a tragedy for a band with this much potential
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  27. 5.0 |   Drowned In Sound

    Somehow Alvvays were the perfect band to listen to when a need arose to forget about life. Despite its title, Antisocialites doesn’t manage to accomplish the same thing
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  28. 5.0 |   Spectrum Culture

    A pleasant listen and nothing more
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