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Five things we learned at ADM Towers this week

Michael Palmer looks back at the week's action on the ADM chart

Experimental Jazz Albums Are Like Buses... that you wait around for ages and then two come along at once! That's a phrase, isn't it? Although I've usually found that it's all of the albums together that are like buses - almost all of them arrive at specifically scheduled times, except the odd one is pushed back until slightly later, but then it still shows up pretty much bang on the second time you thought it would. I've derailed myself right from the off this time. What's going on? Jazz! Yes, Kamasi Washington (part of the band behind To Pimp A Butterfly - that record just won't go away) and Jaga Jazzist (perhaps the world's most prominent Norwegian nine-piece) both charted with albums this week. So if you're an experimental jazz aficionado, and I'm pretty sure anyone who really likes experimental jazz is called an "aficionado" no matter what, then you'll feel like a kid at Christmas.
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Jamie xx Delivers

Almost exclusively positive reviews for Jamie's debut solo album. The Quietus break the pattern saying it's "largely void of personality", but everyone else seems delighted by it. State, Q, and Consequence of Sound all gave him perfect 10s taking his 10 tally to an extremely respectable three. Perhaps he should be called Jamie xxx now. That's a Roman numerals joke. Can't beat a good Roman numerals joke. Anyway, a BNM from Pitchfork and more 8s and 9s than you can count takes Jamie's current rating to a VII.III. Not bad for a side project. By the way, what's your favourite TV with Hugh Laurie in it? Mine is House 1500.
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Mumfords Unseated At The Bottom

One of this week's new entries has relieved poor Mumford and his kids from their duties as the worst rated current album. God only knows what those duties are but they definitely can't be pleasant. There's no way musicians, fancy arty types, can be trusted to clean up after themselves. Those unfortunate chores are now in the hands of ol' Fairground singin' Simply Red.Their eleventh album not impressing our sources. All Music and Uncut reckon it's worthy of a 7, but Evening Standard, Q, and Mojo think it's more like a 4 and drag its poor average down to a Chart Bottoming 5.1.

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A$AP Rocky's Album Guests Would Have A Strange Party

Shall we reel off the guests on the newA$AP Rocky album and see if any of them stand out in any way? Here we go: Lil Wayne, Future, MIA, James Fauntleroy, Mos Def, Mark Ronson, Miguel, Acyde, Joe Fox, A$AP Yams, Bones, UGK, Schoolboy Q, Rod Stewart, Juicy J and Kanye West. Anything catch your eye there? Oh and yes, that did say Rod Stewart. Rocky knows it's kind of funny, which is why he joked about the two of them putting out a mixtape together. They're not. You also get the impression, for some reason, that the 70-year-old didn't really know what he was getting into. That maybe A$AP Rocky asked if he could sample one of his songs and Rod didn't really get it, and then showed up to the studio expecting to have to sing, and then Rocky would start trying to explain but then stop, and end up just letting the poor man sing his song? Which isn't really that fair, being honest. Still, I bet that's what happened though.
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The Franz Ferdinand And Sparks Collaboration Charts, FFS

The Franz Ferdinand and Sparks team-up has caused quite a stir, not least because of an exciting new precedent in band collaboration/typing shortcuts. Frustrated but not wanting to type out the whole expletive-featuring phrase? Listen to Franz Ferdinand and Sparks collaborate! Going somewhere, but want to point out that you'll "be right back"? Listen to Born Ruffians & Beyonce collaborate! "Laughed out loud" and don't know how to express it? Listen to Leftfield, Outkast and Lemonheads team up! Found some horrible "weapons of mass destruction" and need to shorten the term before you tell anyone? Well, better hope Weezer and Mos Def have made an album together by then! Have two forms of electric current and want to use them both? Well, AC/DC are a band! See, that one doesn't really fit in with the rest of them. Doesn't work the same way. Never mind. Want something as soon as possible? Well, have Atlas Sound and Atoms for Peace made a record together yet? No? Well tough, I guess you'll just have to wait. FFS got a 7.4, by the way..
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