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It's taken us a while but it's now easier to view AnyDecentMusic on the iPhone and iPad. The Android version will follow soon

We're delighted to announce that the ADM App is now available via the iTunes Store. It's our first mobile venture since our launch in 2009; it will now be easier to use ADM on iPhone and iPad. The Android service will follow soon.

The App will have a 'free' function that allows limited access to our chart and ratings. Please note the parenthesis there. We do offer ADM as a free service but as everyone knows, nothing is really free in this world. We spend many hours every week - which we thoroughly enjoy - compiling the data to create the chart. But we do have costs.

So as well as the free version there will be a subscription model available that will give you access to the full chart and a searchable database. We know it's a pain having to pay for anything online but we hope you can treat us a little differently.

A monthly subscription costs about the price of a double cheeseburger: and I'm sure you'd agree we're better for you. A whole year would cost about four coffees.

So we're asking anyone who's enjoyed using ADM on a regular basis to become 'Friends of ADM' as it were.

We created ADM for a number of reasons. To hear music we ourselves might have missed. To try to find a consensus on whether an album was actually any good. And most importantly to not have to rely on a single reviewer. The ADM Rating helps. It's not perfect - no aggregator can claim to be - but it does help guide you through the maze that is this wonderful world of music.

We hope you can help a little, but even if you can't please continue to discover new music through ADM. And wherever possible please spread the word about our service through social media and good old word of mouth.



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