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Michael Palmer reflects on the week's action in the ADM chart

So what's been going on then? Well, six new albums joined our chart with 7.somethings, eight showed up to the party with 6s and one poor soul could only scramble together a 5. But that's ok, we'll still let him in to the ADM party. We just won't let him put his stuff in the fridge or stand in the kitchen or lock the door when he goes to the toilet. But who are these newcomers?

Weeeeeeeeeell, the one with the highest rating is Ratking. Showing up smugly with a 7.5. A 9 from Drowned In Sound and a whole bunch of 8s adding up to a good score for the NYC rap trio, but two 7s and a 6 lower the average enough to make sure they don't quite make the Top 10. Still, it's enough to keep them at the top of our New Entry list.

Only a point behind though is School of Language, who's 7.4 is made up of a 9 from Loud And Quiet, a whole bunch of 8s (again) but a few 7s and 6s. It's the second album from David Brewis from Field Music and Q say it's "frequently dazzling stuff". It's also his second highest ADM rating, coming in behind Field Music's third album which managed a 7.7.

One point less than that is Chet Faker, who's debut album has managed a 7.3, and with it a Top 20 spot in our chart. After thrusting into the public consciousness with a cover of "No Diggity" on a Superbowl ad last year, he seems to have backed it up with his album. Yup, a Superbowl ad and being Number 20 in our Current Chart are pretty much the same thing right?

So who's that slacker, showing up to our party with nothing but an orange plastic bag from Sainsbury's with nothing but his own 6 beers and a half bottle of booze in it? Not even bringing any food or anything. Expecting to use all the cola that's sitting on the counter even though he didn't bring any. It's Aloe Blacc by the way. Showing up to to our party with nothing but a 5.4. A few decent reviews though: two 8s and a 7. Though 4s from Observer, Guardian, The Arts Desk and Uncut, and a measly 2 from Digital Spy mean he gets our coveted ADM Wooden Spoon. Well done Aloe!

Elsewhere: The Afghan Wigs first album in 16 years (OBNM) gets a 7.2, Paolo Nutini gets a 6.8, and PUP, The Amazing Snakeheads, Teebs, Tweens and The Faint all get 6s.

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