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Is it a sprint or a marathon? The race for the No1 slot

The week in ADM

Michael Palmer reflects on the week's action in the ADM chart

The War On Drugs is top now. Hmm. I feel like I could've built the suspense up a little more there. No worries. Though this was the week that our contenders at the top had been looking forward to. St Vincent's term of office is up, so a new Chart Topper needs to be crowned. And it was a close race for a minute back there. Let's take a look, shall we?

Two new entries made a decent challenge early this week. Firstly, there was EMA. She shot out of the starting blocks with a 10 from The Skinny, a 9 from Loud and Quiet and a handful of 8s. She forgot, though, that this is a marathon not a sprint. Well maybe not a marathon, that sounds like a nightmare. There are races between marathons and sprints right? Like, 1000 metres or something. I don't know running. Anyway, our chart is like the 2000 metres or whatever. You need to start fast, stay fast, then stick your neck out right when you cross the line. EMA started fast, but slowed down slightly. We've yet to see if she'll stick her neck out at the end. I've totally lost the metaphor. Whoops. At what point did it go wrong do you think? At the bit where I said I don't really know running? Please provide answers in the comments section below.

The second new entry to make a push for Chart Topping success was Todd Terje. Another strong start, three 9s and an 8 with his first four reviews. But he forgot that our Chart isn't a sprint, it's the 700 metres. Wait, no. Not that again. What's a metaphor for getting a 6 from The Guardian? Well, he got a 6 from The Guardian and now his rating is 7.7. That's still pretty good, but you've got to do better if you want to top our chart.

Our wooden spoon this week goes to none other than the Country Legend, the Man in Black, Will Smith. No, that's not right. Johnny Cash! That's it. A new release of recordings from the 1980s that were shelved by the label, but recently re-discovered by Johnny Cash's son, getting pretty mixed reviews. A few positive ones, but most wishing someone would do that flashy pen thing to get them to forget it. Poor Johnny. He would've got away with it too, if it wasn't for his pesky kid.

So is this a one-horse race? Are The War On Drugs going to sit unchallenged at the top for weeks? Is our chart as predictable as the Undertaker beating Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania XXX on Sunday? In short, yup. But that's what we get for not fixing the results beforehand, I suppose.

Elsewhere: HTRK impresses and gets a 7.6, Avey Tare's Slasher Flicks confuses and gets a 6.5, Arc Iris do a 7.4, Timber Tambre do a 7.3, White Hinterland do a 7.2, Manchester Orchestra land a 6.8, as does S. Carey.

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