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Deafheaven: "No, the thumb goes over the two middle fingers, NOT under, OK?"

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Michael Palmer on a week that saw Frank Ocean and Anais Mitchell toppled in the All-Time chart

Raise your right hand up from your keyboard. It doesn't have to be high above your head, don't worry. I know some of you are "at work". You can be crafty about it. All that matters is that you raise your right hand, palm facing outwards. You should be looking at the back of your hand, which you should know pretty well. Now, make a fist. OK? Done that? The next step is to raise your index finger. Got it? Don't worry we're almost done. For our last step, make sure your thumb is keeping your middle two fingers down and raise your pinky. BOOM! That's our chart this week.

Deafheaven cannot be stopped! A couple more 9s has pushed them to the very top of our All-Time Top 10 (which is ranked to two decimal places). If you round up, there's only one review in below 9, and that's an 8 from Spin. They join Frank Ocean and Anais Mitchell on 8.9. If they can coax out another 10 or two from our sources they could end up being our first ever 9.0 album.

The news is not quite as good for Editors, as they release their fourth album. No fewer than six 4/10 reviews, from Time Out, The Arts Desk, NME, Clash, The Guardian and The Irish Times. A 5.2 average sees them sitting fifth from bottom on our current releases chart. In fact, its rating is even lower than their previous album. NME are particularly harsh: "It's so phoned-in I had to fight the temptation to hang up". Ouch.

Let the judge be judged! Is that a phrase? Do people say that? People say something similar, right? Anyway, it's happening now! X-Factor judge Kelly Rowland releases her fourth album to a 5.7 average. A few decent reviews though, including an 8 from Spin, cementing her place as the most famous of the backing dancers from Beyonce's band.

The highest-placed new album this week comes from 73-year-old Mavis Staples, releasing her 13th album and her second with Jeff Tweedy. Only one review below 7 (The Guardian's 6) and a very impressive 9.1 from the A.V. Club sets her average at 7.5. Most sources seem to agree that this album is even better than the last Tweedy/Staples collaboration, though a quick check and our Chart begs to differ. Their last got a 7.6. Let's see if the Chart conforms next week.

Elsewhere: Treetop Flyers make the front page with a 7.4, Solar Year re-work and re-release their debut and get a 7.2, and it's incredibly tight in the mid-field as Serengeti, Bosnian Rainbows, The Duckworth Lewis Method, Matias Aguaya, Mac Miller, Congo Natty and µ-ziq all score between 6.8 and 7.1.

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