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  1. 2220¬Bit of a mixed bag of reviews for the debut from the San Francisco duo. Their brand of vintage shoegaze finds particular favour with The Quietus, and others see it as a promising start, but Uncut is far from convinced.¬True¬
  2. 2270¬Contrasting reactions to the release of this collection of tracks from the "on hiatus" indie rock veterans, recorded at the same time as 2008's Chemical Chords. To some critics it's a good as any of their output, but others feel it's definitely one for dedicated fans only.¬True¬
  3. 2314¬The 2nd album of experimental pop from James Mabbett is heading for a significant showing in the chart, with four exceptionally positive reviews so far. NME describes it as "a perfect late curio of 2010", and TLOBF rates it as "faultless".¬True¬
  4. 2289¬The Chicago-based songwriter and musician looks set for another strong chart showing with this album of instrumental indie folk, originally released as a bonus album with the widely-acclaimed 2009 release Noble Beast.¬True¬
  5. 2302¬The London-based Japanese psych-rock quartet are on the verge of making a big chart impact with their debut album. It's an "epic onslaught of metal punk sludge" according to Subba Cultcha, while NME says it's an "incredible ride".¬True¬
  6. 2269¬Generally moderate reviews so far for the latest offering from Jay Kay and his jazz funk cohorts. The Telegraph is a fan, but The Independent feels the band sound dated when set against the emergence of dubstep and electro in the dance-pop mainstream.¬True¬
  7. 2222¬The second album from the Scottish indie folk outfit is in the chart on a respectable rating with some highly favourable reviews, although a handful of critics detect a lack of consistency.¬True¬
  8. 2297¬Some good responses to the debut album of shoegazing indie rock from the San Francisco trio as it comes into the chart on a 7.2 rating. It's a "thrilling sonic adventure" according to Eye Weekly, but Bowlegs brings the score down with a 5/10, feeling that the band have been caught in two minds.¬True¬
  9. 2282¬South African rave hip-hop might not be the widest genre around right now, but Die Antwoord's contribution to it is certainly attracting some interest among critics, with Consequence of Sound declaring them "undeground darlings" and One Thirty BPM putting them alongside Das Racist as alternative hip hop adventurers.¬True¬
  10. 2287¬The San Fransisco band's 3rd drone-based pyschedelia album, and 1st for Thrill Jockey, is attracting some approving reviews. The Music Fix is the most enthusiastic, describing it as "astoundingly well crafted", while The Line of Best Fit calls it "compelling, elemental music".¬True¬
  11. 2291¬The Georgia psychedelic sludge metal outfit are on the verge of making a big impact on the chart with their fifth album. It gets a big thumbs up from Pitchfork, and Prefix declares it "another triumph".¬True¬
  12. 2279¬It's all 8/10s so far for the Robbie Williams re-unification album. Every reviewer has been surprised - pleasantly - by the band's new direction. ¬True¬
  13. 2288¬A generally positive response so far for the latest offering from freak-folk singer-songwriter James Jackson Toth, which features members of Mercury Rev and Lambchop.¬True¬
  14. 2252¬A mix of high praise and some more reserved judgments greets the latest offering from the Canadian alt country quartet, the first of a series of four albums to be released in 18 months. Most reviewers detect the presence of new influences, although there is disagreement about how successful the new approach has been.¬True¬
  15. 2268¬The debut album of electropop from the band fronted by Eliot Sumner, the daughter of Sting and Trudie Styler, comes into the chart on a 6.2 rating.¬True¬

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