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÷ (Divide)

Ed Sheeran

÷ (Divide)

Third studio album from the English popstar, with producers including Steve Mac, Johnny McDaid, Will Hicks and Labrinth

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  1. 8.0 |   NME

    His latest album is as likeable as he seems in interviews
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  2. 8.0 |   The Music

    Sheeran has settled into his groove, finally at peace with himself. There's no dividing going on here
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  3. 8.0 |   The Independent

    A guaranteed hit that steps up his winning formula from + and x
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  4. 8.0 |   The Arts Desk

    There is a new edge to Sheeran's familiar sound
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  5. 8.0 |   Rolling Stone

    Both well-timed and rip-roaringly fun, another example of his still-evolving craft
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  6. 7.0 |   Clash

    It’s a record that’s going to take him to the next level of popularity and fame, up alongside Drake, Beyoncé and Adele
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  7. 6.4 |   Gig Soup

    The record is what you'd expect - There's the crooning, slightly drippy love songs, the hip-hop influenced tracks, the generic singer-songwriter stuff and the straight up pop songs - there is an overwhelming feeling of 'business as usual'
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  8. 6.0 |   Evening Standard

    Ultimately, ÷ will sell a great deal, but it is not a truly great album
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  9. 6.0 |   Sputnik Music (staff)

    It would have been nice if he’d given us a reason to ditch the notion of a “typical” Sheeran album by advancing his sound in another direction
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  10. 6.0 |   Q

    ÷ will do the business and he knows it. Print edition only

  11. 5.0 |   PopMatters

    At worst, it’s a pretty significant step back from X, and once the initial novelty of its release wears off, it’s unlikely to enjoy the popular acclaim or the longevity of its predecessor
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  12. 4.2 |   Consequence Of Sound

    Dynamic oscillations aren’t just grating. Each passing cycle saps a little more life from the record, until we’re left with background music, fluff that goes in one ear and out the other
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  13. 4.0 |   State

    He has now entered into a well-financed period of creative stagnation
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  14. 4.0 |   The Guardian

    No criticism is strong enough to prevent the imminent and stratospheric sales this record will surely accrue. This is a slick, potent album
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  15. 3.0 |   Drowned In Sound

    It mostly veers from boyband showstoppers to Jack Johnson-esque sunshine balladry
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  16. 2.8 |   Pitchfork

    Ed Sheeran sells trite innocence by the pound. He uses bland wisdom and unimaginative music to ponder the basic good and bad in people around him, without once looking inward
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  17. 2.0 |   The Irish Times

    ÷ (Divide) is the Yorkshire man’s third album, after + and ×, so pretty much all that’s left is minus and that is exactly where we are
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