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First Aid Kit


Fourth album from the Swedish indie folk duo produced by Tucker Martin (Laura Veirs, My Morning Jacket)

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  1. 8.0 |   Mojo

    There is pain here. The results, though, are delicious. Print edition only

  2. 8.0 |   Q

    With a new volume and urgency to their sound, these are songs that are more lived-in than callow and coltish. Print edition only

  3. 8.0 |   Exclaim

    Lyrically and sonically, Ruins helps First Aid Kit gives listeners a mature, realized and often heartbreaking version of this young band's oeuvre
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  4. 8.0 |   NME

    There’s something endearing about First Aid Kit’s dedication to their sound
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  5. 8.0 |   The Skinny

    Ruins doesn't aim to re-write the indie-folk/country rule book. Rather, the Söderberg sisters are just fine-tuning their craft and growing into a comfortable groove
    Read Review

  6. 8.0 |   God Is In The TV

    True to form though, the siblings continue to juxtapose the tragic with the beautiful, as has been their wont from the beginning, along the way somehow turning it into something powerfully optimistic instead
    Read Review

  7. 8.0 |   The Arts Desk

    NEW There’s something so special in their voices, that you just can’t quite put your finger on
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  8. 8.0 |   All Music

    NEW Fans of Stay Gold will find a familiar bright, assertive sound, with Klara and Johanna's trademark tandem vocals bringing a certain air of resiliency to an unexpectedly lively set of songs
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  9. 8.0 |   The Guardian

    NEW There’s much to be said for the familiar, when it’s delivered with such grace
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  10. 7.0 |   Rolling Stone

    NEW At times, the musical ornamentation feels too much. But when those two voices combine, it all falls away
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  11. 7.0 |   Uncut

    Ruins keeps First Aid Kit moving forward, empowered rather than overcome by the wrath of love. Print edition only

  12. 7.0 |   Slant Magazine

    First Aid Kit has gotten exceedingly proficient at imitating their favorite American artists
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  13. 6.4 |   Pitchfork

    NEW The most impressive thing about Ruins is how they make every style under their vintage-store belts feel like an extension of the same history, the same creative urge, their same tastes
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  14. 6.0 |   Drowned In Sound

    NEW First Aid Kit’s lack of edge is beginning to look less like prudent risk aversion and more like self-inflicted damage
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  15. 6.0 |   The Independent

    NEW Tough stuff, tempered by the Soderbergs’ instinctive harmonies, which remain as sweet as ever
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  16. 6.0 |   The Irish Times

    Best of all is the single Fireworks, a soulful ballad of 1950s vintage that captures harmful self-doubt
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  17. 5.0 |   Loud And Quiet

    NEW For better or worse ‘Ruins’ mostly stays well within the First Aid Kit wheelhouse
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  18. 4.5 |   Spectrum Culture

    Sounds like a failed copy of previously delightful pastiche
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