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Third album from the Newport, Rhode Island alt-rock band comes twenty three years after reforming in 2016

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  1. 8.0 |   Q

    A little indie olive branch, Dove is as welcoming as it is welcome. Print edition only

  2. 7.2 |   Pitchfork

    On their first album in over 20 years, Tanya Donelly and her band conjure the same potent mix of grace and force that fueled their 1990s output.
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  3. 7.0 |   The Line Of Best Fit

    With Dove, Tanya Donelly and Belly have obviously grown up and moved out of the nineties, and hopefully their devoted fanbase has as well
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  4. 7.0 |   Rolling Stone

    If anything, the group sounds 20 years better and more equipped at making Belly music, with its intricate textures, smart vocal harmonies and lyrics about grown-up concerns
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  5. 7.0 |   Slant Magazine

    Belly might take a more conventional approach to their music now, but Dove proves it can still take flight
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  6. 6.7 |   Earbuddy

    Dove could benefit from more attitude; maybe a mean streak
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  7. 6.0 |   Spectrum Culture

    It’s not breaking new ground or reinventing the wheel, but thank Belly for reviving a sound that maybe never should have disappeared in the first place
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  8. 6.0 |   Drowned In Sound

    I’m not sure how much I’m liable to come back to Dove personally, but I'm very happy for Belly that it's there – it feels like a vindication
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  9. 6.0 |   The Music

    Flits its wings in a happy middle airspace between the lightness of debut album 'Star', the heavier 'King' and Donelly's own rustic solo inclinations
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  10. 6.0 |   music OMH

    Dove is a coherent collection that retains Belly’s essence while acknowledging the passing of nigh-on a quarter of a century
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  11. 5.8 |   A.V. Club

    Shaving a few of the middling cuts like “Heartstrings” and “Stars Align” would have helped the album overall, as Belly’s comeback songs runs together in a cranky sea of relationship angst
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